Do you have a business? You Need a website!


Website For Rent

All businesses need a website. if you do not have a website, we understand!

Having a website helps give authority and legitimacy to your business.
Now when a potential customer searches for your products and services they know you’re legit and take you and your business seriously.

The reason you do not have a website could possibly be:

* You thought it was so costly to have a website designed
* You do not know what to have put on a website
* You do not have the time to have a website done
* You heard it was a long drawn out experience; a hassle
* You thought it would take several months
* You thought you would need to be technical to maintain a website

None of the above are true!

Malaysia OnLine has the solution to all of the above. We can design a website for your business, and it will be very affordable. We can help you with the info, images and content that you want on your website. We can design you a website that will ‘Wow’ you, your customers and competitors. No long 2 – 3+ months wait time. We starts immediately upon receipt of your info. You can be up and running in a very short period of time.

The big solution – You Can Rent the Website! Yes, we will design a lovely website for your business and you can rent it instead of paying a large upfront investment. You pay a monthly fee, and we will host the website and maintain it. You will rent the website for as long as you desire.

Or, maybe you have a website and it is outdated. We can update your current site, and make it Google compliant and mobile optimized.

There are many business owners that do not have the technical experience, time to have a website developed properly. AND, more importantly may not have the funds to payout for a well built website. We Understand!

You can have a custom website built that you can rent! We spoke with so many business owners that wanted a website, and understood fully that in order to grow their business they needed a website; but could not afford to spend thousands upfront to have a website designed for them. Also, they did not have the time to operate a website, keep it updated and operable.

We found a SOLUTION! Build them a quality custom website and let them rent the website. You can get the website you always desired; without the cost and hassle of buying a website. You can rent it each month; while we keep it updated and current for you.

Let Malaysia OnLine be the solution to your website ‘woes’.

it really is that simple!

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