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Wireless and Mobility Solutions in Transit

Robust, High-Speed Wireless and Mobility Solutions for Your Applications in Motion

Organizations need applications and connectivity on board their railways, metro, vehicles and vessels. A A few examples of pplications that require broadband connectivity in motion include:

  • On-board internet applications for passengers
  • Real-time video surveillance for security patrol vehicles or mobile command units
  • Remote monitoring of unmanned or manned machinery at seaports, mines, airport
  • Operational communication between staff in motion
  • Wireless and mobility solutions for emergency boxes on highways

.• Operational communication between staff in motion

The Challenge

Yet most current solutions for rolling stock are unable to deliver constant performance and bandwidth due to the environmental challenges of high speed motion: background noise, coverage outages in tunnels and mountains, and interferences from power lines, reflections and more.


Total Solutions That Go Beyond Wireless Technology

Bynet provides proven wireless-in-transit even the most rugged environments. We deliver complete solutions that go beyond wireless technology and can include:

Internet Services for Passengers

Besides enabling on-board and on-station live internet WIFI access, we offer infotainment such as video and music on-demand, real-time passenger information and advertisement.

Maintenance and Operational solutions

Staff / Dispatch voice and text communication over WIFI supporting all handheld devices and smartphones, Internet of Things – monitoring and analysis of multiple sensors with reporting and Video and data connectivity between off-shore oil rigs and vessels.

Safety and Security Applications

Real-time or offline view of security monitoring with an event-driven video and situational management systems, based on input from anti-vandal cameras and live TV for remote stations and perimeter security.

Solution Technical Highlights:

• Long range coverage – Up to 10 Km between base stations
• High capacity – Up to 200 Mbps per moving device or base station
• Supports motion speed of up to 250 Km/h
• Low latency
• Seamless handover