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Bynet Urban Life Technologies: Leveraging Leading technology to Improve Citizen Lives


Smart City is not just a buzz word. It is a vision that is here to stay, of how digital transformation and innovative technologies can improve the quality of life and quality of service in urban environments.

Cities developed in the first place, thousands of years ago, to provide value for people. To provide safety. Easier access to common services. And cost savings. And that’s what cities are still about today, even if they have not always lived up to their calling.

The amazing advancements  in Internet of Things (IoT) technology can be harnessed to dramatically raise the standard of life in cities. Smart technology can promote sustainable, people-centric communities, from small villages to megacities, that are greener, safer, with cost-effect services that are visible, measurable and controllable.


The Challenge

Innovation is always a difficult process for conservative city councils. But one of the key barriers to smart city adoption is the fact that there are multiple stakeholders, each with their own needs and often different agendas.


a barrier to smart city adoption are the multiple stakeholders


Urban Life Technologies – the Bynet Smart City Approach

Bynet Urban Life Technologies provides a wide spectrum of smart city applications:

Bynet Urban Life Technologies and smart city solutions


In the Bynet approach:

  • Sensors and controls in the different domains collect information
  • The data is transmitted over a variety of communication channels to the center
  • A centralized Orchestrator analyzes, slices and dices the data.
  • What’s the result?

A Unified View, Actionable Automation and Engagement via Web Services, Applications and Social Media..


Start Small and Grow

Bynet can provide specific  solutions to discrete city problems owned by one or few stakeholders. Yet all the different solution components are integrated, managed and automated  by a common orchestrator.

As a result, cities can start small with a single smart city project, and grow as needed, while maintaining a consolidated view. This helps overcome the multiple stakeholder challenge, and budgetary constraints.


Bynet Urban Life Technologies can help people and cities. People can enjoy online, transparent services in safer, less polluted and cleaner communities. Cities benefit from increased efficiency, a unified view and control platform, and an improved dialog with its citizens.


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