IT as a Service Infrastructure

Building IT As A Service Infrastructure For Your SMB Business Customers

Building IT As A Service Infrastructure For Your SMB Business Customers


Service providers have always had their eye on the huge market of small and medium businesses. In today’s world, information technology and communication services have become the engine that drive business growth for both SMB and enterprise customers alike.


The Challenge

Despite the interest in the SMB market, it was unattainable for most service providers.

  •  On the one hand, small and medium businesses have IT requirements that are often as complex as those of larger customers, but they cannot afford enterprise-class solutions delivered by system integrators.


  • On the other hand, Service Providers who traditionally deliver high volume, simple IT and telecom services to the residential and SOHO markets, are not structured to support the more complex IT solutions needed by business customers.

But rapid technological advances in the fields of cloud computing, virtualization and automation have completely changed the game.


Provide Complete and Affordable IT Services for SMBs, built by Bynet

By taking advantage of the new disruptive technologies, Bynet can built your IT as a Service Infrastructure so you can generate new revenue and compete in the SMB market on a mass scale.

The Bynet solution is hardware agnostic and based on open source software.

As a result, Service Providers can offer competitively priced, End 2 End IT services that enable:

• Zero-touch provisioning
• Cloud-based business model that are pay as you go
• Shift clients from CAPEX to OPEX expenditures
• Delivering agile IT solutions that is easy to scale and change


End 2 End Solution Technology

Bynet’s IT as as Service Infrastructure allows Service Providers to offer automated, end 2 end IT services for small and medium businesses.

The solution is comprised of three main functionalities:




  1. Infrastructure as a Service or Software Defined Data Center

Your SMB customer’s entire IT infrastructure can be provided from the cloud, including servers, storage, and other functionally traditionally provided by an onsite data center.

Bynet can build the IaaS for the service provider on private or public infrastructure, and allows users to consume services from the well-known global providers.


  2. vCPE – Virtual Customer Premise Equipment for Telcom and IT

Just like users today can download apps to their smartphone, the SMB customer can preorder and download the telecom and IT ‘apps’ he chooses to run onsite.

Bynet provides a virtualization platform ‘box’ which Services Providers can dropship to their SMB customers. All the relevant applications and functionality are easily downloaded, eliminating the need to visit the customer site.


  3. CAAS – Collaboration as a Service for SMB

Bynet’s Collaboration as a Service platform provides management for for a wide variety of collaborative and communication services:

• call control for voice and video
• voicemail
• instant messaging
• cellular applications
• attendant console
• Contact Center for customer collaboration
• web conferencing
• point-to-point and multipoint videoconferencing