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Inmate Intelligence & Communications

Keeping in touch with family, friends and legal counselors is a lifeline for inmates. Yet both inmates and correctional staff alike are dissatisfied with existing telephony systems.

Inmates suffer from expensive phone rates, as well as poor quality and availability. Scarce telephones and system problems cause competition over resources that can lead to inmate aggression, broken property and worse. The volatile prison atmosphere results in increased staff frustration.


Turnkey Solution

Bynet provides a complete communications ecosystem for correctional facilities that addresses these challenges.

I2CS (Inmate Intelligence & Communications) delivers flexible connectivity for the inmates at cheaper rates, coupled with intelligence-led corrections, control and analysis tools for the authorities.


Modular, Customized Approach

I2CS can be offered as a complete package or in separate modules. Fully scalable to fit any facility size, the solution is available as a service or on-site.

The Bynet solution is easily customized to meet the unique needs of each deployment.

Open software architecture allows for maximum flexibility to integrate with existing systems, such as the correctional facility commissary, inmate trust fund, facility kiosk, jail management, inmate banking, inmate system and more. .


I2CS for Inmates

Calmer and Safer Inmates

• Cheaper calls leave more time to talk to friends and family
• Flexible payment options  by inmate or his family, including e-wallet by phone and web
• Reduced inmate harassment and violence over telephone resources
• High Availability and reliability improve inmate well-being
• Feature-rich connectivity including: voice mail, speed dial, video visitation, messaging


I2CS for Correctional Staff

More Peaceful and Efficient Prisons

• Enhanced Command & Control reduces conflicts

  • Phone shutdown during roll call
  • Ability to set call duration, access time and locations per inmate
  • Black & white lists per inmate/ group
  • Easily control phone privileges for inmates
  • Improved community relations by reducing inmate phone pranks and fraud

• Anti-vandal phones with alarms facilitate the work of correctional staff

  • Hard to damage, low-maintenance phones
  • Alert of storage of contrabands


I2CS for Intelligence & Law Enforcement

Crime Detection and Prevention

• Investigative tools for crime detection

  • Analyze calling patterns, top destinations and anomalies
  • Reverse Number Lookup

• Real-time tools for fraud prevention based on call and voice analysis

  • DMTF (dial tone) analysis and blocking
  • Conference Call detection and blocking / recording
  • Detection and prevention of Speaker Swap and impersonation
  • Call-recording , transcription and key word spotting (Lawful Interception)


For Service Providers

New Revenue and Cash Flow

• Inmate community creates new revenue
• Cost-effective sharing of current resources